Driver FAQ

How much does it cost to have a Workers2Work car?

We let you use our vehicles for free. You are responsible for saving $100/month, paying monthly insurance premiums, inspection and registration, quarterly oil changes, and gasoline. The cost of the car itself and maintenance/repairs is divided between Workers2Work and the sponsoring organization. Any person (beside the driver) or group of people can provide the necessary $1,000 sponsorship.

I am a client of a nonprofit that doesn’t have a Workers2Work fleet. Can I get a car?

Have someone at the nonprofit contact us. We are always looking to partner with new organizations.

How long has this program been operating?

Since 2011. In that time we have provided cars to approximately 100 drivers.

Where do the cars come from?

Some are donated by people in the community and they receive a tax deduction. We purchase others with contributions from donors.

Who insures the cars?

We insure all our drivers under our corporate fleet policy, and our drivers reimburse us each month. If our carrier will not insure you, you may not participate in our program.

Who pays for repairs?

We try to keep up the vehicles. If we can't afford to make the necessary repairs, we will take the vehicle out of service until we receive enough donations to cover the work.

How do you administer the savings component of the program?

Our drivers save money in the form of a security deposit that grows by $100 each month. We are not a bank. We do not pay interest and your funds are not insured.

Is it possible to save the money in my own savings account?

No. We tried that and it didn’t work out very well.

Is it possible to lose the security deposit?

Sometimes our drivers incur charges that we have to pay, such as parking tickets and towing fees. If a driver is not willing or able to reimburse us these expenses that he incurred, we will deduct it from the security deposit.

What happens if I need the money I've saved through Workers2Work?

Your money is your money. You can turn in the car at any time and we will return your money without penalty within one week. However, that will end your participation in the program.

What happens if I don't meet the program requirements one month?

We stress accountability. If you do not meet your commitments, we will disable your car until you catch up. If you fall more than one month behind, you must return the car. In the event that you refuse to return the car, we will repossess it and you will incur a fee not to exceed $500.

How can people help support this program?

Please consider making a cash donation or giving us your old car.

What happens if I have more questions?

For more information, you can send an email to us at