Driver Lifecycle

Application. Each partner nonprofit has their own process for nominating drivers from among the clients they serve. Each nominee answers a questionnaire and upon which Workers2Work accepts or declines the client.

Gathering Paperwork. Before getting a car, each client must present the following to their fleet manager:

  • A copy of their driver’s license
  • A signed Vehicle Borrowing Agreement with GPS Addendum
  • A copy of their driver’s record
  • A check for $50 for their first month’s insurance
  • A check for $100 for their first month’s savings

Taking Possession of the Vehicle

The fleet manager and the applicant meet to inspect the vehicle. The driver is responsible for determining if the vehicle is safe for them. After filling out the inspection checklist, the fleet manager takes a publicity photo of the driver with the car and hands over the keys.

Program Participation.

The driver is free to drive the car as much as she wants as long as she continues to check in with her fleet manager and complies with program requirements. If the client fails to comply with program requirements, Workers2Work will send a warning email, copying the fleet manager. If the problem isn’t fixed, we will disable the vehicle.

Exiting the Program

When the driver has saved enough money and found the car she wishes to buy, she notifies the fleet manager and Workers2Work returns her savings. The Fleet Manager and the Client work together to purchase the new vehicle and turn in the Workers2Work car.