Partner FAQ

How much does it cost to start a Worker2Work fleet at our nonprofit?

Workers2Work will provide the first car in your fleet for free. You are only responsible for securing a $1,000 sponsorship for your client.

What is a partner’s legal liability?

We strive to insulate our partners as much as possible from exposure to litigation. First, the legal relationship is between the driver and Workers2Work. Partners can’t be in breach of contract, because they are not part of the contract. Second, our Borrowing Agreement specifically states that the partner who refers the client to Workers2Work shall be held harmless. Third, the driver bears complete responsibility for the safety of the vehicle.

Who is responsible for repair and maintenance of the vehicles?

Workers2Work makes all necessary repairs. If a repair is too costly, we’ll send the car to the scrap yard and find another car for that driver. The drivers are responsible for regular oil changes.

What non-financial resources must partners provide?

First, partner nonprofits must provide ongoing case management for their client. Second, partners must assign someone to serve as Fleet Manager. This person handles the paperwork and serves as the primary point of contact with Workers2Work.

What level of commitment does Workers2Work expect from its partners?

We expect our partners to build their fleet -- through donation or by purchasing cars -- to at least four cars within the first two years. This will serve three drivers and provide one loaner car.

Who owns the cars?

Workers2Work owns all the vehicles. This is necessary to put all the cars on the same fleet insurance policy.

What happens to the cars when the partnership dissolves?

The drivers return their cars. Partners can purchase those cars for themselves or their clients for $2500 each.

Do you sell cars to drivers?

No. However, we can help drivers buy their own cars at great prices.

What happens to a car when its driver graduates?

It goes back into the fleet and another one of your clients will drive it.

What happens if a car dies? Does that shrink the size of our fleet?

We expect our cars to last an average of five years. Some will not last that long. In that case, we will provide a replacement car. In the same way, if one of the cars in your fleet is still running after five years, we may retire it from service to your organization and use it elsewhere.

What requirements does Workers2Work place on its drivers?

Only that they save $100 each month, pay $50/month for insurance, and change the oil on schedule. We believe that you know your clients best. If they fulfill the requirements you place on them, that is good enough for us. If we don’t feel that your program is comprehensive enough to affect personal transformation, we will discuss that will you before you sign up. In rare circumstances, Workers2Work will take on some functions of the partner agency, such as case management or teaching financial literacy.